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Thank you so much for choosing to spend your evening strolling through time with us. Your attention is a precious commodity these days, and I want to make sure it is well spent here tonight. My hope is that you'll forget all your troubles for just a while, and when you leave here, you'll have all the warm and fuzzies to carry you home. 

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If you've been following us for a while, you'll know that Scott Lee and I don't stick to a particular era or style when we write, (and that's the way, uh-huh, uh-huh, we like it!)

When we pick covers, we try to get songs that compliment my singing style and have some substance to them, whether that's stylistically or lyrically; boring cookie cutter songs are not our thing.

I was looking at our master set list in preparation for a 3-hour show when I realized we have a pretty even span of music across the decades! A show concept was born, and here we are.

You may have heard we are working on our first full length studio album, titled "The Looking Glass". Being an independent artist has a lot of major advantages, mainly creative freedom. The downside, however, is that getting a high-quality producer is not cheap. I have been blessed to find Phinestro, a family-oriented, award-winning producer who believes in our music so much, he is willing to work with us and even pitch our music for sync-licensing, (getting our music on TV shows, movies, in games etc).  

We need to raise $8,000 for this project, and that includes studio time, bringing in live instrumentation, mixing and mastering, marketing advice and assistance, and sync pitching for 10 songs. In reality, for this industry, it is a steal!

Crowdfunding is unfortunately, a normal part of an independent artist's life in these days of streaming music, and I need to suck it up and ask for help. 

I know you paid to be here tonight and for that I am eternally grateful.

If you feel so inclined to donate to the album fund, I ask that you shop our merch, tip using the QR code, or enter a number here. Below are some handy dandy tiers Phinestro helped me put together for donation incentives.

As always, I thank you from the bottom of my heart in helping making this girl's dreams a reality, and I hope our music brings you healing and happiness every time you hear it! 

Love and lattes, 


Tier 1: Supporter (Fan)

  • Access to behind the scenes content like studio-time, in-progress lyrics, etc

  • Join Imber's private Discord community

Album Donation Form

Thank you, you beautiful human, you!

Tier 2: The Supporters 

  • All previous benefits

  • Special video shout-out across all platforms

  • Album digital download when released

Tier 3: The Collaborators

  • All previous benefits

  • Limited Edition Imber Solis merch t-shirt

Tier 4: Executive Producer

  • All previous benefits

  • Your name listed in the YouTube description on the project you helped fund

  • Invite to group zoom call with me to talk about how things are going, future projects

Tier 4: Investor

  • All previous benefits

  • Have a chance to have your own custom song made (will be a 2-minute song) with video performance and special thanks

Someone to Watch Over Me

1926 (Gershwin & Gershwin)

Everything Will Be Okay

1930's (Lee & Gadd)

Miss Me

1940's (Lee & Gadd)

Too Darn Hot

1948 (Porter)

Twice as Nice

1950's (Lee & Gadd)

You Do You

1940's (Lee & Gadd)

Say a Little Prayer

1968 (Bacharach & David)

Looking Glass

1960's (Lee & Gadd)

Can't Help Falling in Love

1940's (Peretti, Creatore, & Weiss)

Keep it Simple

1970's (Lee & Gadd)


1970's (Lee & Gadd)

Tiny Kiss

1970's (Lee & Gadd)

Time After Time

1983 (Lauper & Hyman)

Just the Two of Us

1980 (Withers and Washington)


1990's (Lee & Gadd)

Don't Know Why

1999 (Harris)

Wolf Spider

2000's (Lee & Gadd)


2008 (Tedder & Bogart)

Rolling in the Deep

2011 (Adele)


2022 (Lee & Gadd)

At Last

1960 (Gordon & Warren)

Vintage inspired merch

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