Imber Solis, meaning rain and sun in Latin, is the music project out of Ohio blending soothing adult contemporary with folk and pop. Imber Solis’ musicality and lyricism are woven into an immersive and introspective melodic experience.


The songstress first started writing music when she was in the third grade and picked up guitar in her teen years thanks to a song book of oldies rock. She would go on to take vocal lessons and join a number of choirs and musical theater productions throughout high school and college, including starting a women’s barbershop quartet at Kent State University. She wrote a series of songs in college that would eventually become her debut album, and turned the album’s release party into a fundraiser for her local suicide hotline.

Over the years, the artist has played in a number of cover bands and lent her voice to different musical collaborations. In 2020, she met Scott Lee who would become her co-writer, helping give birth to the Imber Solis music project.

Imber Solis’ music shares a calming and healing sound, laden with hope and meaning. She will be releasing her upcoming album called The Looking Glass in 2021. Her first single "Proud of You" will be released March 12th, 2021.


(Proud of You) was one of the most beautiful, heartfelt messages of love and sometimes it just takes one thing to make a rough road smooth out for just a bit.

-Mary Ann,  RN, BSN