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Let's do it!

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Season’s greetings, y’all! 🎅

You know, every year after the turn of the new year, I inevitably think, “There is no way I’ll be ready for Christmas again by next December”.


And every year I’m wrong.


There is something so special about twinkling lights, family gatherings, the warmth of a fireplace, and those oh so familiar songs playing everywhere you go. I believe it feels special because these feelings are instilled into our spirits as children and repeat every single year (relentlessly). Our inner child is just squealing with delight, even if our adult brains have long since squelched the magic of the season. If you’ve forgotten, try hanging out with a kiddo (preferably one that you know) and see that you can’t help but smile at their joy over the smallest Christmas details.

For those of you that continue to show up, I see you, and I am eternally grateful for your support. I am thrilled that I'm bringing some joy into your life through my passion. . . it's a dream come true.

If you are new here and this is your first time, welcome to the family! I hope to see you at many shows to come as we have a regular season set as well that we cater our setlist to our surroundings. Our main sound can be heard anywhere you stream music if you're interested in checking us out, and follow me on the socials too, I love interacting with y'all there! 

So for this show and many others as of late, we've enjoyed the wonderful problem of having too many great songs to decide on for the set list. For this show, we took a few that were very close to the cut, and decided to let y'all have a say :) Scroll down to our TIP TO VOTE BONUS SONG or head to the bar and throw some cash at the song of your choice. We are excited to see how this turns out, we have theories circulating within the band but we will keep that to ourselves until we get a verdict! 

Make sure you come say HI after the show, check out my HANDMADE MERCH (yes I have a factory in my basement now), and grab a selfie with me, Santa, or the Grinch!

Love, lattes, and sugar cookies,

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Decorative Ornaments

for 10% off merch!

Imber Solis - Main vocals Scott Lee - Electric piano Jesse Marquardt - Percussion John Cle
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Golden Sparkles
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Use this form to vote/tip or follow the links to use your favorite platform. Just make a note of the song you're voting for in the payment app! You can also vote using the jars on the bar!

Vote now for the Bonus Song!
1 Dolla = 1 Vote!

Interesting choice! Can's wait to see which song wins!

Christmas Ornaments
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Santa's Love
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Come say Hi! after the show next to the stage! Grab a Christmas with Imber CD and take a p
Thank you for coming!.png
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