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Another year has passed, bringing many changes: triumphs and failures, laughter and tears, love and loss, beginnings and endings. Yet one thing remains the same throughout the centuries; the language of music.


In my opinion, aside from love (and maybe gravity), music is the strongest force of the universe. For me, love and music are interchangeable. It can connect strangers, reunite friends and families, heal broken hearts, and move you to tears (or to some pretty wicked dance moves).


Christmas music in particular has a magical quality. Regardless of your beliefs, it's unavoidable; you hear it on TV, on the radio, in every store. Therefore it is solidly lodged in the nostalgia section of our brains, and when you hear it again, it releases all of the feelings. Magic.


As co-writers, Scott Lee and I envisioned Christmas shows from the very beginning of our journey together, but I have to say neither of us expected to be checking it off our wish list so soon. We both want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being here.

The fact that you took time out of your busy schedule to come and partake in this celebration truly humbles us. Our Christmas wish is that you can feel the love carried through my voice, that our music brings you joy, and that we might inspire hope in your heart for you to share with the world.


Hold your loved ones close and keep your music blaring!


Love and sugar cookies,

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Let's do it!


Imber Solis - Main vocals Scott Lee - Electric piano Jesse Marquardt - Percussion John Cle
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Golden Sparkles

Christmas with Imber

Natalie's Grandview
Music Hall Stage

December 14th, 2022
7pm - Doors Open at 6

Mary Did You Know Mark Lowry, Buddy Green O Holy Night P. Cappeau, A. Adam Charlie Brown M
Santa's Love
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Come say Hi! after the show next to the stage! Grab a Christmas with Imber CD and take a p
Thank you for coming!.png
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